A message from Her Majesty!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!


Your Maroon Majesty, the scarlet sovereign The Red Queen, hereby commands your presence at the premier craft brewer Rabbit Holed Brewing in Justin, TX on October 29th!  You are required to attend her vassals for the 3rd annual Haunted Brewery Tour from 12 to 5 PM.

For your unquestioned obedience to your Ruby Ruler, you shall be allowed to partake in the masquerade festivities. This year’s theme is UFO Aliens. There shall be prizes awarded to Scariest, Funniest, Best Aliens, and Best Red Queen likeness.  There may be an award for an Alice, Hatter, or other such costume, but it would have to be rather phenomenal. Astounding, really.  Something truly impressive, indeed, for what can eclipse the beauty of our scarlet sovereign?

Nothing. And you would do well to remember that!

KB Brats have headed the summons of our queen, and shall be on premises in order to satiate your food needs.  Lord Nut Levington shall be in attendance, as is fitting.  Indeed, what better suits one of DFW’s finest craft beers than some nuts in your hands and sausages in your mouth?

The appropriately named Crimson Fall shall be rocking the afternoon away while you partake of one of the great craft beers in Texas.

Once you have paid the $10 tithe to your queen, imbibed the liquid libation and salubrious sausages, you may enter the Haunted Brewery Tour!  If You Dare!

It is an experience like none other.*




*UFO Abductions are not guaranteed.