Beer Isn’t Just For Hockey Season or Breakfast Anymore

A lot of people think of 561, a craft beer brewed by Rabbit Hole Brewing, as the go-to DFW Craft Beer during the hockey season. That makes sense as the crisp flavor keeps you light on your skates. What most people don’t know is this craft beer was created to commemorate the lifetime scoring achievement of one of hockey’s greatest players NHL Dallas Star Mike Modano.  The beer is named after the number of goals the Mo’ scored in his career: 561.   So of course any rational person will think, ‘I better stop by the store and get some 561 for the game tonight.’

But what if I told you that you could drink 561, a craft beer made right here in Dallas Fort Worth, during the summer and it’s just as enjoyable? Maybe even better?

Let me tell you about 561: The Beverage Tasting Institute gave 561 a Gold Medal (93 out of 100), specifically noted the golden color, the aromas of raisin bread, honeyed citrus with a supple, lively, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity- medium  body. Which is a pretty complicated way of saying its damn good.

561 is a German Kölsch-style beer. Kölsch-style beers come from the Cologne region of Germany. The term Kölsch was first used to describe a beer brewed by Sunner Brewing in 1906. Kölsch beers are clear, all-barely pale ale with a bright, yellow hue and look very similar to a standard pale lager.  Which means that 561 is a clean, crisp, and complex brew that’s light on the tongue and refreshing during the summer heat.  It’s a wonderfully smooth, crisp beer that doesn’t compromise on taste. It’s a Hockey beer that’s even better in the summer.