Off With Your Red

Off With Your Red is an aggressively hopped red IPA befitting its status as the first release of the Rabbit Hole Brewing “Season of Fear”. The substantial malt backbone establishes the dark ruby/garnet color and supports the significant flavor and aroma additions of American Pacific Northwest hops. The hop nose is bright, resinous, and lingers to the end. At 7.7% ABV and 88 IBUs , Off With Your Red is not to be trifled with; if you do, you may just lose your head.


Those who did not un-like our beer!

2017 US Open Beer Championships: GOLD Imperial Red Ale

RAPTURE Fusion Brown Ale

Rabbit Hole Brewing’s Rapture makes a statement, bringing the bold back to Brown Ales. A rich, toasted malt profile characterizes this English/American Fusion Brown Ale, with Pacific coast hops providing a balancing bitterness and subtle citrus character. A generous amount of Brown malt provides this beer with its signature toasted bread hook and ensures it stands apart from the normal. Are you ready for our Rapture?


Those who did not un-like our beer!

2016 - US Open Beer Championships: BRONZE American Brown Ale;
2016 - Best Little Brewfest in Texas: BRONZE American Brown Ale;
2015 - Great American Beer Festival: SILVER American Brown Ale;
2015 - Best Little Brewfest in Texas: SILVER American Brown Ale;
2015 - Beverage Tasting Institute GOLD (95/100): American Brown Ale;
2014 - Best Little Brewfest in Texas: GOLD - American Brown Ale;

Mike Modano’s 561 Kolsch-style Beer

Mike Modano’s 561 Kolsch-style beer is a clean, crisp, yet deceptively complex brew which features a delicate balance between soft malt and a subtle fruity hoppiness. Crafted to commemorate Mike’s record career goals for US-born hockey players, 561 showcases German pilsner malt, noble hops, and a meticulous fermentation regimen. The 561 experience is smooth, crisp and wonderfully refreshing—a lighter beer, without the compromise.



Those who did not un-like our beer!

2017 - Best Little Brewfest In Texas -GOLD Kolsch
2015 - Beverage Tasting Institute - GOLD (93/100) "Gold color. Aromas of raisin bread toast and honeyed citrus with a supple, lively, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a tingling, stimulating, medium-length arugula, light pepper, and minerals finish. A delicious, toasty, fruity kolsch with a snappy hop finish and super sessionability." -;
2014 - Best Little Brewfest in Texas SILVER Light Hybrid

10/6 English Pale Ale

Hatter is crazy about time, and about finely crafted beer. The Rabbit Hole Brewing 10/6 English IPA features a prominent English hop character supported by a smooth, bready malt backbone. This Rabbit Hole Ale is crafted with the finest floor-malted Maris Otter winter barley and flavored with three different varieties of English hops. It is bold and flavorful without driving your palate completely insane. So whatever the time may be, it is always time for another 10/6, the IPA with refinement.


Those who did not un-like our beer!

2015 Beverage Tasting Institute - GOLD (90/100) English Pale Ale.
2016 Best of Craft Beer - GOLD (English Pale or IPA).
2016 US Open Beer Championships - GOLD (English Pale Ale).
2017 US Open Beer Championships - GOLD (English Pale Ale).

Midnight Snark

Midnight Snark is an export stout with notes of caramel, coffee and cocoa with a medium dry finish. Aged more than 4 months in its Bourbon barrel prison, the beer fostered a bold spirit finish with dominate notes of vanilla and cocoa. Roasty and smooth with a haunting of oak and bourbon flavors, the unique nature of this beer means it will continue to develop and age over time. The Midnight Snark is best sought out when the autumn chill encroaches and the nights grow eerily long.

Those who did not un-like our beer!

Those that walk without fear.

Shield Biter

The Rabbit Hole Brewing Shield Biter is a rich, sweet, full bodied Strong Scotch Ale. It’s low hop bitterness and lightly toasted bread notes compliment the rich caramel and dark fruit flavors that abound in this brew. Although the style sometimes is referred to as a “Wee Heavy”, our rendition of a Strong Scotch Ale strikes a perfect balance between sweet caramelized flavors and a velvety smooth finish. Weighing in above 8% ABV, Shield Biter truly takes inspiration from the berserker Rooks of the Lewis Chessmen. It is as strong as a bear.


Those who did not un-like our beer!

Everyone goes Beerserk for Shield Biter!

Mystic Rapture

Mystic Rapture pairs Rabbit Hole Brewing’s award winning Rapture Fusion Brown Ale with Mystical Coffee’s Ethiopian Ardi offering. The Ethiopian Ardi was carefully chosen to compliment the smooth chocolate and toasty notes of the Rapture Fusion Brown Ale and exemplify the best, brightest characteristics of both the coffee and the beer. The noticeably amped-up nutty-chocolate and coffee aroma and flavor of this cold brew coffee-infused version of Rapture truly Mystical.


Those who did not un-like our beer!

El Conejo

It seems fitting that Rabbit Hole Brewing would release a beer named after a rabbit, or more specifically named, “The Rabbit”. Rabbit Hole Brewing’s El Conejo is a crisp pale Mexican lager which remains virtuous on the palate. The clean flavors are derived from a simple Pilsen malt profile, floral noble hops and a traditional lager yeast. Extended cold aging, or “lagering” lends a crisp, dry finish that makes this beer perfect on a hot summer day, night or just about any time. In fact, El Conejo has inspired us so that we suggest that you ‘SNARE THE HARE’ while you can.

Those who did not un-like our beer!

Those who tried the test batch at Summer In Wonderland 2017

Rude Jester

Rude Jester is an American-Style IPA with crisp lingering bitterness and an assertive hop flavor and aroma. A subtle, yet simple malt profile supports the hops up front, and then steps aside to allow the hops to steal the attention of all those partaking. Rude Jester combines the strong citrus qualities of the Centennial hop with tropical notes from the Mosaic hop to create a unique fruity hop flavor and a pungent, intoxicating hop aroma. Rude Jester IPA is no jest weighing in at 7.7% ABV and 72 IBUs, but it would just be Rude not to have another.


Those who did not un-like our beer!

IPA and fruit lovers gravitate towards the Rude Jester; and he does not make fun of them for doing so. That's good enough reason to try one.

Wonderlust Saison Ale

Wonderlust is a Saison ale brewed to commemorate the first Rabbit Hole season, the Season of Virtue. Bright, crisp and spicy, this Saison ale features a carefully selected Belgian yeast strain to create an enchanting and approachable interpretation of the style. German and Czech hops round out the Pilsner malt base and provide a pleasantly bitter punctuation. It’s a straightforward beer, with a bit of flair. ABV: 6.4%


Those who did not un-like our beer!

Wonderlust denotes the beginning of the Season of Virtue and means that many warm, beautiful days in the Rabbit Hole Biergarten are still ahead.

Bluebonnet Brew-off 30: School Of Bock

Rabbit Hole Brewing is a proud sponsor of the Bluebonnet Home Brewing competition. Each year we select an award-winning beer from this contest and invite the brewer to brew a commercial batch with us.  This year Rabbit Hole is brewing (School of Bock) which is an Eisbock brewed by Brian “Schooly” Schoolcraft. Schooly has been home brewing for fourteen years. When he is not at his day job being a banker, you can find him out back reliving the moment when he carried the olympic torch, playing a banjo and of course brewing.


Those who did not un-like our beer!

Bluebonnet Brewoff - 1st place in category, 2nd place Best In Show. National Homebrew Competition - 1st place in category


Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
Its jaws, its claws, and its eyes of flame!
But do not fear the JabberBOCK,
The beer with a similar name!


The Jabberwock may be a scary creature, but the JabberBOCK is nothing to be afraid of!  The JabberBOCK is a smooth, malty German-style Maibock.  With Munich and Vienna malts, the Hatter has created a bold and malty brew that finishes clean and smooth.  A savvy palate can pick out the subtle characters of the German hops – Perle and Tettnang – hidden beneath bready malt base.   The 6.9% ABV rounds out this bold libation with the gentle warming of a beer designed to move us out of winter and into spring.  No, you need not fear the JabberBOCK, but you would be crazy to ignore it.


Those who did not un-like our beer!

RYEteous Knight

It’s all about the malt, …RYE malt that is!  The RYEteous Knight from Rabbit Hole Brewing showcases a lesser known, but very bold, classic German beer style, the Roggenbier.  Rye malt, used as 50% of the grist provides a rich, smooth mouth-feel with a “spicy” flavor profile.    Munich and Crystal malts surround the rye and complement the spiciness with a toffee-like malt sweetness.    This ale is fermented with a unique German yeast strain which adds clove flavors to the palate provided by the gallant grain combination.    We hope you enjoy this beer as Rabbit Hole Brewing’s RYEteous Knight epitomizes and protects our craft beer mantra for the bold and valorous combination of flavors!


Those who did not un-like our beer!

Too RYEteous for "awards"

Bluebonnet XXIX Pro-AM(ber)

American Amber Ales should be flavorful (not boring!) and the Rabbit Hole Brewing Bluebonnet Pro-AM(ber) aims high to prove such.  Brewed in collaboration with the Bluebonnet Brew-Off 29 Best of Show winner, David Toups, the Pro-AM(ber) provides a candy-like maltiness with generous citrus and tropical hop flavor notes to balance the palate.   Clean on the finish, the Pro-AM(ber)  is still bold enough to stand up and scream “Session Me!” and subtle enough to allow you to do so.

Those who did not un-like our beer!

What's not to like?

Dark Snark

The Dark Snark is truly an interesting animal; a returning seasonal from Rabbit Hole Brewing during our Season of Delirium. It is nearly inexplicable, but we will try. The Dark Snark is a stout brewed to export strength (6.5% ABV). A complex fruit-laced aroma introduces the Dark Snark, followed by rich, deep tones of roast and chocolate that are sure not disappoint the stout lover. The flavor goes a bit further down the Rabbit Hole though by complimenting the well-loved stout components with the subtle sweetness and fruitiness of strawberries, present but not overwhelming from introduction to the last drop.

Those who did not un-like our beer!

The Dark Snark is above your petty "awards"

Hole Lang Syne

New Year’s Eve is always a special time of year, and deserves a special libation to celebrate the turning of the calendar. Rabbit Hole Brewing’s Hole Lang Syne is a Belgian Golden Strong Ale brewed with Raspberries and Blackberries, a big and complex beer designed to do just that. This golden strong ale is characterized by a soft, delicate malt flavor, noble hops, and a complex combination of fruit esters and spicy phenolics derived from an historic Belgian yeast strain. A smooth alcohol warmth follows the complementary raspberry and blackberry additions that give this golden strong a slight tartness—a unique spin on the traditional style. When the clock reaches midnight this New Year’s Eve, be sure to ring in 2015 with a toast of Hole Lang Syne.


Those who did not un-like our beer!

Hole Lang Syne was the first bottle release by Rabbit Hole Brewing in 2014, commemorating the coming 2015. It was sought by many and acquired by the astute. 608 hand numbered bottles were released and enjoyed within the Dallas/Ft Worth market. 2016 offering will be larger, but covering a larger area will make it just as rare.