Reginald “Presto” Preston III

Raiser of the bar and Keeper of the Goal

Reginald Preston III, or Presto for short, wasn’t just born in Arlington, TX he was forged there! Standing at just over 5ft tall, his magnificent frame acts as kryptonite to any hockey puck or crushed beer can that would attempt to defile the Official Hockey Goal of Rabbit Hole Brewing. Presto doesn’t speak much, but what he lacks as a linguist he makes up for in sheer stopping power. You may have seen Presto at your favorite bar, holding down the goal at a 561 Shoot Out. He is a very social animal and loves taking pictures, watching hockey, and most of all talking about craft beer. He supports the RHB sales staff whenever he can at pint nights, tap takeovers, and various events; you may even see him at a bar near you in the near future.

Matt Morriss

Founder, Brewmaster, Janitor

Matt discovered the world of artisanal beers just after college, as the burgeoning craft beer movement was just finding its way to Texas. An engineer by training with a degree from Texas A&M, he spent 17 years as a software developer while independently honing his appreciation and respect for the brewing craft, as both a home brewer and a BJCP certified beer judge. He has been brewing for 9 years, winning numerous regional and national awards and judging in countless competitions. In 2012 he completed the Siebel Institute World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology. His favorite styles have tended toward the old-world German varieties, with Altbier being chief among them. Matt also has far too many beer glasses cluttering his kitchen, and secretly wonders if one of the ‘s’ in his last name is silent.

Tom Anderson

Founder, Hatter, Janitor

Born in New Jersey, Tom received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Scranton in Scranton, PA (before the Office made it popular) in 1993.  He began homebrewing shortly thereafter and quickly discovered a love for both the science and the art of the craft. His forays into the use of new ingredients and combinations in beer recipes have led him to many unique concoctions. Now residing in Fort Worth, Tom is now working hard to ensure that Rabbit Hole Brewing goes above and beyond classic styles for Texas beer lovers. Tom’s ultimate goal is to brew a beer at the speed of light and be able to drink it and sell it before he comes up with the recipe. The only real problem is how to get TABC label approval…

Laron Cheek

Founder, Prophet, Truck Driver

Laron was born in the small west Texas town of Floydada. After graduating from High School, he spent six years in the United States Marine Corps, doing three tours in the Persian Gulf and one tour in Somalia. After his honorable discharge, he moved to the DFW area where he eventually got his degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University. His love of craft beer began in 1996 when a friend insisted he “try something new”. Laron dabbled in homebrewing, but quickly realized he was much better at tasting beer than creating it. Laron brings experience in management, sales, and Human Resources to the brewery. His focus is sales, marketing, and distribution. But if you have a chance to ask him, Laron will almost certainly tell you, “I just drive the truck.”

John Lammers

Jack of Clubs

Born in Baytown (just outside of Houston, TX), John has lived all over the Lone Star State. He received 3 Bachelor of Science degrees from the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University in 2009. He has been involved in the restaurant and bar community since he graduated High School and has held most every position you could think of regarding the operation of a bar, public house, and/or speakeasy. John has amassed a very impressive tie collection from professional sales and management positions he has held over the years, which Laron likes to nail to our brewery walls to remind Jack ‘he is now using his powers for good.’ Recently a family move has taken Jack to South Korea, where spends his days as our “Jack of Clubs,” and international correspondent. Meaning that he now uses his extensive knowledge of the industry and sales to assist the Rabbit Hole Brewing Sales team from a 26th floor high-rise in downtown Seoul! It was not uncommon to find Jack hanging from the rafters at the brewery when he had one energy drink too many. The rest of the staff are still trying to find a broom handle long enough to scrape him off the ceiling when he returns and is having too much fun at the office.

Josh Mercer

The Dodo

The Dodo’s journey to Wonderland was fraught with many road blocks, but ultimately led him right to the front door. As a seasoned, yet admittedly still novice home brewer of over a lustrum (or quinquennium) , he discovered that true joy could be obtained by combining malt, hops, water and yeast. The amalgamation of these super powers, and the ascension to the pinnacle of nonsensical wordsmithery fuse together to form the bedrock of the Dodo’s motivation to seek the zenith of the summit of the….
…Oh, never mind. Sometimes the Dodo goes mad and stumbles upon his words, frequently having to explain himself in another manner. To put it more simply, the Dodo fundamentally wants to bring you great beer, great company, and a great trip down the Rabbit Hole.

Jeff Flavin

Tap Room Manager/Wizzard

Born in Arkansas to a family of homebrewers and wine makers, Jeff was raised on funky beverages that didn’t fit the “norm”. Calling Texas home since 1973, he grew up with a love of all things local, especially those coming out of the growing craft beer movement. After receiving an engineering degree from UNT he began home brewing to revisit his family roots, and contribute to gatherings of friends and family. In an effort to improve his craft he began participating (and still does) in DFW homebrew clubs and competitions, both as an entrant and a judge. These days you can find Jeff in his element behind the bar in the tap room, making the world a better place one pint at a time….or more likely talking about crafting the perfect wee heavy..or heavy metal..or movies..or what to put in the next firkin with a wee heavy and how to pair that with a heavy metal themed movie event…

Brandon Novara

Brand Ambassador/Wise Caterpillar

Born in the land of Green and White , Brandon began his journey to Rabbit Hole Brewing several years ago from Detroit. Before he arrived here in Justin, Brandon honed his craft across Frisco managing bars and developing long term relationships in  not only the local beer scene but in the city and beyond as well. It was finally that the world of social media connected him to Rabbit Hole  and now he has gone from a fan to the Brand Ambassador. The years of being in the bar business back in Michigan and in Frisco has made Brandon “RH’s” Wise Caterpillar “.

Mandy Tucker

Taproom Server/Flamingo

A Lone Star girl at heart, Mandy has lived all over west Texas before finally settling in Fort Worth. A graduate of Texas Tech, Mandy studied Nutrition and Hospitality Management where her love of craft beer began in 2004. Following her curiosity, Mandy’s first trip to the Wonderland of Rabbit Hole Brewing in 2014 and they have not been able to keep her away since. On that fateful day, not only did she find her great love of Rapture, but also joined the beer for charity movement and started working with the Best Little Brewfest in Texas. She has recently started a new adventure down the BJCP trail in learning how to judge craft beer. Her passions include being a foodie, travel (beer-cations!), baking, and being a craft beer evangelist, converting the masses one beer at a time in the taproom. When not at the brewery, Mandy can be found winning at a game of croquet, because after all, she is the pink flamingo on the great lawn of life.

Shelley Dixon

Taproom Server/Critter

Shelley grew up in the rural Midwest and relocated to Texas in 1992, learning the meaning of a previously unheard of term – DRY COUNTY. The struggle to find any beer, let alone decent beer, within her daily commute to UNT was REAL. Being a problem solver, she learned to homebrew, a clever and most satisfying use of her BS in biology and chemistry. Shelley discovered Rabbit Hole while browsing Kickstarter campaigns in the Denton area and was shocked to learn there would be a craft brewery opening in Justin. It was too late for her to invest in the brewery so she did the next best thing in order to score free beer – she became a volunteer! Shelley became one of our regular volunteers and now has a permanent spot in our tap room. Although she claims not to be a “people” person, she does enjoying talking about craft beer. Come in and let Shelley pour you a beer.

Eric Kline


Hailing from the east side of the metroplex in good ole Mesquite, Texas Eric spent his early years engulfed in music. Graduating from RH Poteet High School he was part of the 2005 UIL State marching band champions (Go Pirate Band). He since found himself bar-tending and selling across Dallas before moving to Fort Worth and falling down the Rabbit Hole. .


Beer Enthusiasts, Volunteers, Mavens of the Curious, The Choir

This biography writes itself every day Rabbit Hole Brewing is open.