Bluebonnet Brew-off 30: School Of Bock

Rabbit Hole Brewing is a proud sponsor of the Bluebonnet Home Brewing competition. Each year we select an award-winning beer from this contest and invite the brewer to brew a commercial batch with us.  This year Rabbit Hole is brewing (School of Bock) which is an Eisbock brewed by Brian “Schooly” Schoolcraft. Schooly has been home brewing for fourteen years. When he is not at his day job being a banker, you can find him out back reliving the moment when he carried the olympic torch, playing a banjo and of course brewing.


Those who did not un-like our beer!

Bluebonnet Brewoff - 1st place in category, 2nd place Best In Show. National Homebrew Competition - 1st place in category

STYLE: Eisbock

HOPS: Target

MALTS: Pilsner (Regular&Caramel), Munich, Vienna (Regular&Caramel), Black

ABV: 13.5

IBU: 28

PAIRS WITH: Awesomeness