Bluebonnet XXIX Pro-AM(ber)

American Amber Ales should be flavorful (not boring!) and the Rabbit Hole Brewing Bluebonnet Pro-AM(ber) aims high to prove such.  Brewed in collaboration with the Bluebonnet Brew-Off 29 Best of Show winner, David Toups, the Pro-AM(ber) provides a candy-like maltiness with generous citrus and tropical hop flavor notes to balance the palate.   Clean on the finish, the Pro-AM(ber)  is still bold enough to stand up and scream “Session Me!” and subtle enough to allow you to do so.

Those who did not un-like our beer!

What's not to like?

STYLE: American Amber Ale

HOPS: Columbus, Centennial, Mosaic

MALTS: American 2-Row, Munich, Crystal 90L, Crystal 120L, Chocolate

ABV: 5.5

IBU: 36


Very Limited Release (one batch) / Season of Delirium