RYEteous Knight

It’s all about the malt, …RYE malt that is!  The RYEteous Knight from Rabbit Hole Brewing showcases a lesser known, but very bold, classic German beer style, the Roggenbier.  Rye malt, used as 50% of the grist provides a rich, smooth mouth-feel with a “spicy” flavor profile.    Munich and Crystal malts surround the rye and complement the spiciness with a toffee-like malt sweetness.    This ale is fermented with a unique German yeast strain which adds clove flavors to the palate provided by the gallant grain combination.    We hope you enjoy this beer as Rabbit Hole Brewing’s RYEteous Knight epitomizes and protects our craft beer mantra for the bold and valorous combination of flavors!


Those who did not un-like our beer!

Too RYEteous for "awards"

STYLE: Roggenbier

HOPS: GR Perle, GR Tettnanger, CZ Saaz

MALTS: Rye, Pilsen, Munich, Crystal 80L, De-bittered Black

ABV: 6

IBU: 18

PAIRS WITH: Jousting, archery, Code of Chivalry

Seasonal / Season of Delirium