Mystic Rapture

Mystic Rapture pairs Rabbit Hole Brewing’s award winning Rapture Fusion Brown Ale with Mystical Coffee’s Ethiopian Ardi offering. The Ethiopian Ardi was carefully chosen to compliment the smooth chocolate and toasty notes of the Rapture Fusion Brown Ale and exemplify the best, brightest characteristics of both the coffee and the beer. The noticeably amped-up nutty-chocolate and coffee aroma and flavor of this cold brew coffee-infused version of Rapture truly Mystical.


Those who did not un-like our beer!

STYLE: Coffee Infused Brown Ale

HOPS: CTZ, Centennial, East Kent Golding

MALTS: Pilsen, Brown, Crystal, Chocolate

ABV: 6.4

IBU: 33

PAIRS WITH: Mornings and bland days, Mystic rapture is sure to get you through your daily grind

Our award winning Brown Ale with coffee from Mystical Coffee