Off With Your Red

Off With Your Red is an aggressively hopped red IPA befitting its status as the first release of the Rabbit Hole Brewing “Season of Fear”. The substantial malt backbone establishes the dark ruby/garnet color and supports the significant flavor and aroma additions of American Pacific Northwest hops. The hop nose is bright, resinous, and lingers to the end. At 7.7% ABV and 88 IBUs , Off With Your Red is not to be trifled with; if you do, you may just lose your head.


Those who did not un-like our beer!

The Red Queen forbides all competition with this beer as she feels there is no equal, and no worthy category. Mavens of the Red Queen's Favorite Libation, however, are vocal and exuberant (and most still have their heads attached). You will have no trouble finding them and we hope you become one!

STYLE: American Red IPA

HOPS: CTZ, Centennial, Simcoe

MALTS: Pilsen, Maris Otter, Crystal, Roasted Barley

ABV: 7.7% ABV

IBU: 88 IBUs

PAIRS WITH: Smoked meats, chili, stew, bread pudding

Complex in both grain and hopping, Off With Your Red Ale is a unique combination of flavors. A substantial hop load, ranging from piney to citrus that would cripple many beers, is upheld by the smooth malt flavors of caramelized sugar and toasted bread.