Wonderlust Saison Ale

Wonderlust is a Saison ale brewed to commemorate the first Rabbit Hole season, the Season of Virtue. Bright, crisp and spicy, this Saison ale features a carefully selected Belgian yeast strain to create an enchanting and approachable interpretation of the style. German and Czech hops round out the Pilsner malt base and provide a pleasantly bitter punctuation. It’s a straightforward beer, with a bit of flair. ABV: 6.4%


Those who did not un-like our beer!

Wonderlust denotes the beginning of the Season of Virtue and means that many warm, beautiful days in the Rabbit Hole Biergarten are still ahead.

STYLE: Belgian Saison

HOPS: Perle, CZ Saaz

MALTS: Pilsen, Vienna, Rye

ABV: 6.41% ABV

IBU: 21

PAIRS WITH: Grilled fish, triffle, lemon bars, hard candy

Clean and refreshing, the lemon citrus tones in the flavor are complimented by a slight peppery phenolic in the nose.