Gentle reader,

I humbly present to you the Season of Virtue. Our friend Hatter would say that Virtue is but one step from Delirium and Her Majesty would say that it is but one step from Fear; I offer that Virtue is but one step from Change.

The estimable Plato defined virtue not as a state of ineffable purity but by being courageous. Virtue doesn’t wear a white dress and sit in a tower quietly combing its hair while wishing for a prince to come.  Virtue makes a rope out of the white dress and climbs out the window. Virtue is the courage of a young girl following a rabbit down a hole and growing to be an adult.

Virtue is the courage to leave your day job with your two best friends and start a brewery. Virtue is making beer in the hopes that people will like it and buy more but not really knowing for sure if you can do it.

Virtue is trying when the whole world tells you in a thousand million different ways that you are going to fail. Virtue is having the madness to face the fear of failure and do it anyway.

So this season have the Virtue to face the world and change.


~ Alice