RAPTURE Fusion Brown Ale

Rabbit Hole Brewing’s Rapture makes a statement, bringing the bold back to Brown Ales. A rich, toasted malt profile characterizes this English/American Fusion Brown Ale, with Pacific coast hops providing a balancing bitterness and subtle citrus character. A generous amount of Brown malt provides this beer with its signature toasted bread hook and ensures it stands apart from the normal. Are you ready for our Rapture?


Those who did not un-like our beer!

2016 - US Open Beer Championships: BRONZE American Brown Ale;
2016 - Best Little Brewfest in Texas: BRONZE American Brown Ale;
2015 - Great American Beer Festival: SILVER American Brown Ale;
2015 - Best Little Brewfest in Texas: SILVER American Brown Ale;
2015 - Beverage Tasting Institute GOLD (95/100): American Brown Ale;
2014 - Best Little Brewfest in Texas: GOLD - American Brown Ale;

STYLE: Fusion Brown Ale: English Brown, American Attitude

HOPS: CTZ, Centennial, East Kent Golding

MALTS: Pilsen, Brown, Crystal, Chocolate

ABV: 6.4%

IBU: 33

PAIRS WITH: Pot Roast, smoked meats, medium-aged gouda cheeses, Tres Leches

Proving that brown isn't just a color, but also a flavor, Rapture charmfully fuses the best characteristics of the English and American Brown Ale styles. A medium bodied malt driven Brown Ale that contains enough hops to keep the malts honest, Rapture finishes clean and leaves the palate wanting more.